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Extensively used to create an unlimited array of sauces, dressings, and dips, our Creamy Mayonnaise is stringently prepared by expert chefs using most advanced and hygienic processing techniques. Processed using pure and natural ingredients, it adds an appetizing taste for foods stuff more delicious and nutritious. If kept under advised condition, it can be stored for longer period. Offering unadulterated and nutritious range, we have become one of the preferred processors and exporters of Low Fat Mayonnaise Manufacturers across the globe.

Mayonnaise offers to be a perfect combination of healthy as well as delicious sauce. Not only this, Mayonnaise also serves to be a great base for other sauces and blends very well with other flavours. Variety of simple seasonings can add vivacity to this sauce and can transform it into a diversified emulsion of tastes.

Mayonnaise is highly popular as a commercial condiment all over the world. Therefore in various countries, people use it diversely. Mayonnaise finds uses in almost every cuisine and adds the raw taste to the various fast food items.

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